Grounded Confidence

EnnVision’s mission is to shine a light
on your gifts that only you bring to the world

Do You Often Live in Fear or Doubt?
Do you Seek Guidance but Really Crave Leadership from Within?

The Enneagram and the body combined are valuable tools to help guide us back to what we KNOW TO BE TRUE. I can help you slow down, take a breath, and lean into the part of you that is stronger and wiser. Once you have resonated with a Truth in your body you can begin to rebuild the most important relationship – YOURSELF. This is where EMPOWERMENT begins. With this new grounded confidence, you can begin to step into healthier relationships and better boundaries.

Meet Sandra Orndorff

Certified Enneagram Coach & Embodiment Coach

It was when I realized that holding my dreams and visions WHILE standing in Grounded Reality of what is going on in the Present was my most POWERFUL stance. My most freeing stance. I would love to go with you on your journey.

For me it was when my personalty got in the way of the health of my loved ones I finally Woke Up to the healing that was needed in my life. I would love to guide you on this path of Growth and Discovery that I know is possible for you too.

Going Before You
Sandra has come to her knowledge of the Enneagram through her own personal work. She found the Enneagram 3 years ago but heavily relied on its spiritual direction to help her heal some very difficult wounds. Using the tool of the Enneagram combined with physical body practices really helped Sandra to work through some difficult times. It was time to not only be the leader for others but to truly step into being a Grounded and Rooted Leader for herself leading to TRUE FREEDOM AND JOY with more TRUST AND COURAGE than ever present in her life.

Body and Soul
As a professionally trained certified yoga instructor, certified Enneagram teacher, certified Life Coach, and corporate leader, I use all my professional skills to bring a HOLISTIC approach to working with my clients. Using Embodied practices I can help you recognize how your physical body interacts and connects to behavior and beliefs. With this new knowledge you can be empowered to enhance and deepen your learning and growth. even outside of our sessions.

Sarah Orndorff

Enneagram Offerings

  • Grounded Parents
    Grounded Relationships

    Grounded Relationships focuses on PARENTING and COUPLES where self-discovery is explored in relationship to others. This is rich work because self-discovery does not happen in a vacuum. Lean in, be held and supported in your discovery with the most important people in your world.

  • Grounded Self Discovery
    Grounded Self Discovery

    Grounded Self Discovery is becoming aware of the areas of our personality that we are ‘blinded’ to. Using the Enneagram and body awareness help us to become freer and more confident. Sandra guides clients to go at their own pace to truly understand themself and become empowered in their discovery to break the chains of fear, shame, and anger.

  • Grounded Recovery
    Grounded Recovery

    Grounded Recovery is helping clients establish healthy boundaries between themselves and their loved ones. Boundaries always start from within first. In getting grounded to the WISDOM OF YOUR OWN WORTH you can start the process of healing from fear, shame, and anger that drive us to crossing over into fixing or rescuing our loved ones.

Enneagram, Tools, & More

Enneagram Typing and Training
Going BEYOND the Test and the NUMBER. Many are often confused by their testing results or want to confirm their Enneagram number. I can bring clarity and meaning to this valuable tool

A complete training program that helps to break down this rich complex personality system and spiritual tool. Go beyond the surface layer of the numbers. Many use this path as a way of determining and clarifying their Enneagram number.

Coaching to Presence
Coaching Clients with a definitive way to embody, own, and live out new learnings. A.H. Alamas once said only 1 in 10,000 can reach personal development without a teacher or guide. I would love to journey with you as a guide whether dipping a toe or deep diving.

Body Work
Connecting the wisdom of THE BODY to the work of self-discovery. Discover how your physical ailments are correlated to your way of viewing the world and way of being in the world.

Sandra has helped me to have a better understanding of who I am and how I respond to situations. She has encouraged and guided me toward healthier responses that has allowed me to feel more confident.

N Thompson

I’ve been exposed to Enneagram for a while, but never discussed my results with an expert. My time with Sandra illuminated areas of development that were blocked to me. The opening to greater connection.

Natalie C MSW LCSW, MA

The coursework is brought on in a very appropriate and palatable way. Sandra’s guidance is supportive and encouraging to begin OR continue your journey.

Ally R